Saturday, June 6, 2015

Swing, Baby, Swing

Listen Here:

There's a time of night when the beats must be hard and driving, when your mind leaves this world behind. There's a time of night when you want to lie back and lose yourself in expansive soundscapes. And then there is time to get down, wobble your butt about and have a ball. Swing, baby, swing.

i forgot to press record until a few tracks in, so the start is a bit intense. Sorry about that!

Mixed live for Hokitika's Blutree FM 88.1, 26th March, 2015

Track listing:

1. Dubble Dribble by J Pod

2. The Edge (Original Mix) by Koan Sound

3. MondoExotica - Puaayfoot Edit by Tomahawk

4. Glen Miller - In The Mood (Funk Ferret & Goodgroove Remix) by Ghetto Funk Allstars

5. Birmingham by Odjbox

6. Shake Your Hips by Warp9 & Essex Groove

7. Do The Strand by Jenova Collective

8. Capri Swing by Nymus

9. Cowboys by Defunk

10. Wobble & Squeak by JFB

11. Funkanizer - Bust Your Conk by Funkanizer

12. Swingrowers - Via Con Me (Extra Medium's Extra Wobbly Remix) by Swingrowers

13. Swaggered by Kalya Scintilla

14. Rocker's Rock (JFB & Mr. Dero Remix) by Ghetto Funk ICONS Vol. 3

15. Vent - Lunatics (Original Mix) by Vent

16. Bed Chime Story by J Pod

17. Warp9 - It Ain't Right (AcidSwingDub) by Warp9

18. NickThayer, HKPP, EricB&Rakim - Dance!Americano (The Captain Mashup) by The Captain

19. Fizzy Bubla by JFB feat Mr DERO

20. The Worldstylers - Stop The Show by The Worldstylers

21. Queens by Caravan Palace

22. No Swingitty by Minimatic

23. French Wine (feat MC Killo Killo - DJ Click General remix) by Kosta Kostov

24. Star Wars 'Cantina Band' (M-Cubed's Electro Swing Remix) by M-Cubed

25. Indubitably by The Floozies

26. Blue Crystal feat. Rayna by Skeewiff

27. Chimichangas Cha Cha [MSTR1] by Jamie Berry Vs Sam Berry

28. New Rhythm by Tommy Largo

29. Fistful of Dollars 124 D by James Copeland

30. The Punk Panther (Nucky Remix) by Vintage Remix Allstars

31. Marvellous by BERRY, Jamie

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