Friday, June 19, 2015

Downtempo Bass

First played on Hokitika's blutree 88.1 FM, thursday 7th May 2015 at 8pm. A mix of new downtempo, glitchy ambient tunes. Blutree FM is closing down on may 31st, (after 8 years. boo!) so please message me if you want me to continue posting mixes and i'll start doing podcasts instead.
Oh, I lied about the downtempo. It starts downtempo but certainly doesn't stay there. We slowly move into more animated realms (hints of old fashioned acid techno, no less) before settling back down again.

Track Listing:
1. Forever And The Earth by Chronos
2. Dusk's Dawning by Subaqueous (HANNAH Remix)
3. Phase Shift by Subaqueous (Kozmo Remix)
4. Insistent Shades by Subaqueous (Drumspyder Remix)
5. higgings by tipper
6. Goddess by Rameses B
7. Dusk's Dawning by Subaqueous (Yaima Remix)
8. Lunar Morphics (Huron Remix) by Sk'p
9. Ylla by Trollwood
10. Skybound (feat. Lytrix) (空に向かって) by Ikaros イカロス
11. Objective Reduction (Feat. Karmasynk) by Mumukshu
12. Wildlight-Live inside a Dream (saQi Remix) by saQi
13. Voyage by Subaqueous (Bogtrotter Remix)
14. girls by slow magic
15. It's Magic (Warp9's Space Pilot Remix) by Warp9
16. Placebo Disco (Boifrenz Remix) by AMB
17. Saturn feat. The Human Experience by saQi
18. Third Trip To Mars by Taff
19. Green Morning by Sonlieto
20. Inspire by Rameses B
21. Last Martian by Psyfactor
22. Glimmers by Subaqueous (Entheo Remix)
23. Depth of Field by Subaqueous (Subconscious remix)
24. Exist (Club Mix) by OVERWERK
25. Rockit Fuel [Free DL] by JELO
26. Dreamsters by Tipper
27. Moonlight by Rameses B
28. The Dissolve by Subaqueous (GUDA remix)
29. Memo by HMLT
30. Abstract Systems (Primate Remix) by Mumukshu

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Time to Trance

One whole bucket load of trance, staying just this side of the 1am madness. The relentless beat slowly rising from 128, finishing at about 136 per minute, mixed old style with extra trimmings of FX layered on top. A warm up to get your blood flowing and your mind loosened out. Where did i put that UV cannon?

Track Listing:

1. Baltic Resonance (Solar Fields Remix) by Vibrasphere
2. Cyrus - Dangerous Situations by iboga-beatspace
3. GLEB GOLD - Feel by iboga-beatspace
4. Golden Nugget (Original Mix) by Patrick Hagenaar
5. Tāne Mahuta by SoulQuark
6. Fenix by Odiseo
7. Windbreaker by Flowjob
8. Tuvan (Original Mix) by Gaia
9. Nothing At All (Beat Service Juicy Remix) by Rex Mundi ft Susana
10. Right Way Up by Riktam & Bansi
11. Fallen Idols by Zyce And Flegma
12. Jävla Sladdar by Etnoscope
13. The Moof Is Rooving (Radioactive Cake Remix) by Grouch
14. Sunny Heart (Ryanosaurus Remix) by Electrypnose
15. Clone Ba by  by Midimal
16. Breakneck Leap by Peak Pilots
17. Fractal Quality by Pspiralife
18. Cant Be Stopped by Pusherstreet
19. Solar Lifeforms by Cathar
20. Examination Of Time by CPU vs.  Azax Syndrome

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Remixing remixes, Part 2

Part two! No nasty surprises in these tracks. I do love a good remix. Still not quite over Pretty Light's mean mean ending to the fly like an eagle remix in part one. In this section we wander up to the higher end of the mid-tempo range from a cruisy start, making sure to check into the swing lounge every now and again to stop the beats getting too relentless, then leaving before the trumpets get tired. I'm left in the mood for an up-tempo show, but its hard to pull one of those off at 8pm, maybe when we move from FM to internet streaming...

Listen Here:

Track Listing:

1. Trail Of Nomads (Kaminanda Remix) by Desert Dwellers
2. Glimmers (Moonfrog Remix) by Subaqueous
3. I Wanna Be Just Like You (Original Mix) by Jamie Berry
4. Too Late (Andrea Roma Remix) by Da Fresh
5. Prebented (Crennwiick Remix) by Trilingo
6. Out Of The River (Original Mix) by Stereo Express
7. Dramophone (Swing Flappers Edit) [Bonus Track] by Caravan Palace
8. Flipando en Ibiza (Bad Robot Remix) by E-LIT
9. Wallop (Deimos Remix) by Mammal Footwork
10. Diggin' On My Groove (Jay Santi Remix) by Sherif
11. Illegal (Brale Remix) by Gr4m4tik
12. Sunset Beach (Original Mix) by JFTH
13. Wonder (Dead Guys Dead Head Remix) by Lamb

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Swing, Baby, Swing

Listen Here:

There's a time of night when the beats must be hard and driving, when your mind leaves this world behind. There's a time of night when you want to lie back and lose yourself in expansive soundscapes. And then there is time to get down, wobble your butt about and have a ball. Swing, baby, swing.

i forgot to press record until a few tracks in, so the start is a bit intense. Sorry about that!

Mixed live for Hokitika's Blutree FM 88.1, 26th March, 2015

Track listing:

1. Dubble Dribble by J Pod

2. The Edge (Original Mix) by Koan Sound

3. MondoExotica - Puaayfoot Edit by Tomahawk

4. Glen Miller - In The Mood (Funk Ferret & Goodgroove Remix) by Ghetto Funk Allstars

5. Birmingham by Odjbox

6. Shake Your Hips by Warp9 & Essex Groove

7. Do The Strand by Jenova Collective

8. Capri Swing by Nymus

9. Cowboys by Defunk

10. Wobble & Squeak by JFB

11. Funkanizer - Bust Your Conk by Funkanizer

12. Swingrowers - Via Con Me (Extra Medium's Extra Wobbly Remix) by Swingrowers

13. Swaggered by Kalya Scintilla

14. Rocker's Rock (JFB & Mr. Dero Remix) by Ghetto Funk ICONS Vol. 3

15. Vent - Lunatics (Original Mix) by Vent

16. Bed Chime Story by J Pod

17. Warp9 - It Ain't Right (AcidSwingDub) by Warp9

18. NickThayer, HKPP, EricB&Rakim - Dance!Americano (The Captain Mashup) by The Captain

19. Fizzy Bubla by JFB feat Mr DERO

20. The Worldstylers - Stop The Show by The Worldstylers

21. Queens by Caravan Palace

22. No Swingitty by Minimatic

23. French Wine (feat MC Killo Killo - DJ Click General remix) by Kosta Kostov

24. Star Wars 'Cantina Band' (M-Cubed's Electro Swing Remix) by M-Cubed

25. Indubitably by The Floozies

26. Blue Crystal feat. Rayna by Skeewiff

27. Chimichangas Cha Cha [MSTR1] by Jamie Berry Vs Sam Berry

28. New Rhythm by Tommy Largo

29. Fistful of Dollars 124 D by James Copeland

30. The Punk Panther (Nucky Remix) by Vintage Remix Allstars

31. Marvellous by BERRY, Jamie

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Remixing Remixes, Part 1

this week's show is in two parts, as I had a big natter in the middle. (un)fortunately for you, the talking bit goes through a desk i'm not recording off, so you don't get to luxuriate in the sound of my dulcet tones.
Basically, i searched for the word 'remix' and got a heap of tracks. I added these to a big playlist, then mixed them together. 
I learnt that i should never trust pretty lights to finish a song properly ever again. the dropped end to the 'fly like an eagle' remix caught me out. grr.
Other than that, Hope you enjoy...

Track Listing:

1. Sweeping Leaves (Uyoyu Remix) by Kataphasis
2. Believe and Love (Remix) by unknown
3. Ventilation (Operon Remix) by Integer
4. Boombox (Datsik Remix) by Bassnectar ,
5. Dusted Compass (Phutureprimitive Remix) by The Human Experience
6. Transcend (Dubvirus Remix) by Perkulat0r
7. Untold (ft. Deeizm) (Remix) by Makoto
8. Dusk Operator (D-Echo Project Remix) by Smooth Genestar
9. Conscious Droplets (Galactronic Remix) by Galactronic
10. Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle Remix by Pretty Lights
11. Get Low Get High (JPOD remix) by Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald

Downtempo Mix

let me take you on a journey - into sleep. yep. this mix is all about keeping it so cool, so downtempo, so relaxed; that there is absolutely no chance you could think about grooving. Sleep tight.

Track list:

1.alien nursery (CD edit) by apoptosis
2.Binary System by Ryanosaurus
3.Gypsy Side Show (feat. Susan Zuzka Allan) by Govinda
4.Submersion by Zyce And Flegma
5.Dust Particle by mote.
6.a final word from our sponsors  by Flow In
7.Luna´s Walk by Mystic Crock
8.Silent Knowing by Entheogenic
9.Undefinable Uncertainties by Hypnagog
10.Phone Knot by Disia
11.Everything In Its Right Place vs All Apologies vs Closer (Pretty Lights Remix) by Pretty Lights
12.Parallax View (Sixis Redub) by Atman Construct
13.Spaces Between (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix) by Desert Dwellers
14.Guerreros Arcoirirs by Blue Lunar Monkey ft. Deva Sofia And Rupesh Anand
15.I Can't Sleep Because You Can by Phone Booth Robbers
16.Summer Freeze (Guda Remix) by Halo Refuser
17.Burn (feat Alyssa Palmer) - Phutureprimitive Rmx by Phutureprimitive
18.Usual Miracle (Micky Noise Rmx) by ZYMOSIS
19.Regrowth by Mr. Squatch
20.Pair Of Arrows by Desert Thunder
21.Into The Interstellar Medium by Phobium