Monday, June 15, 2015

A Time to Trance

One whole bucket load of trance, staying just this side of the 1am madness. The relentless beat slowly rising from 128, finishing at about 136 per minute, mixed old style with extra trimmings of FX layered on top. A warm up to get your blood flowing and your mind loosened out. Where did i put that UV cannon?

Track Listing:

1. Baltic Resonance (Solar Fields Remix) by Vibrasphere
2. Cyrus - Dangerous Situations by iboga-beatspace
3. GLEB GOLD - Feel by iboga-beatspace
4. Golden Nugget (Original Mix) by Patrick Hagenaar
5. Tāne Mahuta by SoulQuark
6. Fenix by Odiseo
7. Windbreaker by Flowjob
8. Tuvan (Original Mix) by Gaia
9. Nothing At All (Beat Service Juicy Remix) by Rex Mundi ft Susana
10. Right Way Up by Riktam & Bansi
11. Fallen Idols by Zyce And Flegma
12. Jävla Sladdar by Etnoscope
13. The Moof Is Rooving (Radioactive Cake Remix) by Grouch
14. Sunny Heart (Ryanosaurus Remix) by Electrypnose
15. Clone Ba by  by Midimal
16. Breakneck Leap by Peak Pilots
17. Fractal Quality by Pspiralife
18. Cant Be Stopped by Pusherstreet
19. Solar Lifeforms by Cathar
20. Examination Of Time by CPU vs.  Azax Syndrome

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