Friday, June 19, 2015

Downtempo Bass

First played on Hokitika's blutree 88.1 FM, thursday 7th May 2015 at 8pm. A mix of new downtempo, glitchy ambient tunes. Blutree FM is closing down on may 31st, (after 8 years. boo!) so please message me if you want me to continue posting mixes and i'll start doing podcasts instead.
Oh, I lied about the downtempo. It starts downtempo but certainly doesn't stay there. We slowly move into more animated realms (hints of old fashioned acid techno, no less) before settling back down again.

Track Listing:
1. Forever And The Earth by Chronos
2. Dusk's Dawning by Subaqueous (HANNAH Remix)
3. Phase Shift by Subaqueous (Kozmo Remix)
4. Insistent Shades by Subaqueous (Drumspyder Remix)
5. higgings by tipper
6. Goddess by Rameses B
7. Dusk's Dawning by Subaqueous (Yaima Remix)
8. Lunar Morphics (Huron Remix) by Sk'p
9. Ylla by Trollwood
10. Skybound (feat. Lytrix) (空に向かって) by Ikaros イカロス
11. Objective Reduction (Feat. Karmasynk) by Mumukshu
12. Wildlight-Live inside a Dream (saQi Remix) by saQi
13. Voyage by Subaqueous (Bogtrotter Remix)
14. girls by slow magic
15. It's Magic (Warp9's Space Pilot Remix) by Warp9
16. Placebo Disco (Boifrenz Remix) by AMB
17. Saturn feat. The Human Experience by saQi
18. Third Trip To Mars by Taff
19. Green Morning by Sonlieto
20. Inspire by Rameses B
21. Last Martian by Psyfactor
22. Glimmers by Subaqueous (Entheo Remix)
23. Depth of Field by Subaqueous (Subconscious remix)
24. Exist (Club Mix) by OVERWERK
25. Rockit Fuel [Free DL] by JELO
26. Dreamsters by Tipper
27. Moonlight by Rameses B
28. The Dissolve by Subaqueous (GUDA remix)
29. Memo by HMLT
30. Abstract Systems (Primate Remix) by Mumukshu

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