Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Remixing remixes, Part 2

Part two! No nasty surprises in these tracks. I do love a good remix. Still not quite over Pretty Light's mean mean ending to the fly like an eagle remix in part one. In this section we wander up to the higher end of the mid-tempo range from a cruisy start, making sure to check into the swing lounge every now and again to stop the beats getting too relentless, then leaving before the trumpets get tired. I'm left in the mood for an up-tempo show, but its hard to pull one of those off at 8pm, maybe when we move from FM to internet streaming...

Listen Here:

Track Listing:

1. Trail Of Nomads (Kaminanda Remix) by Desert Dwellers
2. Glimmers (Moonfrog Remix) by Subaqueous
3. I Wanna Be Just Like You (Original Mix) by Jamie Berry
4. Too Late (Andrea Roma Remix) by Da Fresh
5. Prebented (Crennwiick Remix) by Trilingo
6. Out Of The River (Original Mix) by Stereo Express
7. Dramophone (Swing Flappers Edit) [Bonus Track] by Caravan Palace
8. Flipando en Ibiza (Bad Robot Remix) by E-LIT
9. Wallop (Deimos Remix) by Mammal Footwork
10. Diggin' On My Groove (Jay Santi Remix) by Sherif
11. Illegal (Brale Remix) by Gr4m4tik
12. Sunset Beach (Original Mix) by JFTH
13. Wonder (Dead Guys Dead Head Remix) by Lamb

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