Thursday, June 4, 2015

Downtempo Mix

let me take you on a journey - into sleep. yep. this mix is all about keeping it so cool, so downtempo, so relaxed; that there is absolutely no chance you could think about grooving. Sleep tight.

Track list:

1.alien nursery (CD edit) by apoptosis
2.Binary System by Ryanosaurus
3.Gypsy Side Show (feat. Susan Zuzka Allan) by Govinda
4.Submersion by Zyce And Flegma
5.Dust Particle by mote.
6.a final word from our sponsors  by Flow In
7.Luna´s Walk by Mystic Crock
8.Silent Knowing by Entheogenic
9.Undefinable Uncertainties by Hypnagog
10.Phone Knot by Disia
11.Everything In Its Right Place vs All Apologies vs Closer (Pretty Lights Remix) by Pretty Lights
12.Parallax View (Sixis Redub) by Atman Construct
13.Spaces Between (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix) by Desert Dwellers
14.Guerreros Arcoirirs by Blue Lunar Monkey ft. Deva Sofia And Rupesh Anand
15.I Can't Sleep Because You Can by Phone Booth Robbers
16.Summer Freeze (Guda Remix) by Halo Refuser
17.Burn (feat Alyssa Palmer) - Phutureprimitive Rmx by Phutureprimitive
18.Usual Miracle (Micky Noise Rmx) by ZYMOSIS
19.Regrowth by Mr. Squatch
20.Pair Of Arrows by Desert Thunder
21.Into The Interstellar Medium by Phobium

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